MotoPress – Premium Plugin and Themes

Have you ever used plugins and themes from MotoPress? If not, I will introduce you some themes and plugins that you may want to discover.
Ok, if you visit the official site, you will be able to discover the whole things in there. This includes free and paid themes and plugins. As the demo website is about best workout headphones so I think this theme is suitable for the display information.

This official site has over 106,616 users who are using plugins and themes. This includes free and paid version. You can have a quick look at the following feature lists so that you can make your own decision on which one that you want to use.
Here is the featured list of plugins:
– MotoPress Content Editor
– Hotel Booking
– WordPress Slider
– Timetable & Event Schedule
Here is the featured list of themes:
– Emmet
– Villagio
– Niftyfifty
– Oceanica

Some are free while others are paid. So you must check out each and pick the best that is suitable for your case. Let’s come back with the demo site so that you can see the features and functions of the theme.

In this theme, you can have full width so that you can display the content neatly and clearly. Readers can find everything easy. It somehow creates the space for users to check and look quickly. If you pay attention to the header, you will be able to see the banner which is good for display in website. The size of banner can be adjusted easily by increasing and descreasing the number of pixel in theme option.

If you have a look at the website, you will see that the site is clean and clear with layout and information provided. So if you want to list products, you can make it arranged easily with a few clicks. Make sure you make a list of things before providing the comparison. You can use other plugins to support your listing. This can be go pricing table or tablepress that we introduced to you in previous articles. Just check back and you will be able to find the guides.

With this theme, you can do lots of great things. By installing in your dashboard in theme appearance or you can upload to your ftp. Both are working well. Remember that this theme is paid version, but it has free version with limitation. So your decision is your own needs. However, I recommend that you should use free version first, then you can pay for paid version later. Listing something like headphone products needs more things and space to show readers easily.

In brief, just check and make your final choice. You can also view other demos to pick up the best suitable themes and plugins if you do products reviews. Actually, lots of themes can give the same functions. You just need to prepare your budget and get the ones that you like.

Hope you enjoy what I share and find it useful for your searching. If you have any questions, just shoot us an email for support.

Voice – Clean News/Magazine WordPress Theme

Hi guys!
If you are going to setup a wordpress site that focuses on news/magazine, you may consider the Voice Theme which is being sold on themeforest. You can buy this theme here.
In this article, I will give you short review about the theme so that you can know how it is and if you like it, you can buy one for your website.

As you can see that the demo site is using the theme Voice. This theme costs $69. It has clean, simple, and professsional layout. I will list all its features and functions so that you can know how it is.

First of all, it is responsive design. As you know that responsive factor is very important nowadays since many people are using smart devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. So this theme has this feature. Users can also choose to set as on and off as what they like. It can be turned on with responsive option while it can be turned off if they don’t like.

You can get your site customized within 5 minutes after installation. It is easy to use with friendly interface. This can be done via dashboard in theme option panel. Just install or view the demo to check the whole thing.

This theme is built-in performance. Your site will load fast and smoothly because of built-in performance function. This is good for SEO factor and visitors’ appearance.

If you go in depth, you can discover the unlimite fonts and colors that this theme has. So you can setup colors and fonts that you like. In addition, this theme has good header layouts while sticky header and mega menu system is what you look for.

While you can have 7 main layouts for your website, you can switch to the one that you like in each time. And it has 3 more layouts for featured area posts which you can setup your own goal. Make sure you choose the best one that you like. Moreover, you can use smart post listings which help you get all things done within simple clicks.

With the widget, you can setup unlimited sidebars with sticky sidebars if you like. Here are some great factors in widget that you may want to know: Voice Video, Meks Easy Ads Widget, Meks Smart Social Widget, Meks Smart Author Widget, Meks Simple Flickr Widget, and much more…What else that you can get from this theme? You can setup the posts, pages, categories, tags, and images according to the features of the theme.

I will give 4.5/5.0 stars for this theme since it has good features. You can discover more features by visting the link download. Make sure you check the demo before buying. This will help you have general idea about how your site looks like. If you have any feedback or need support about this theme, please contact us for help. We will help you get things done even including free setup or customization for you. Enjoy and stay updated with us.

Woocommerce – Best Plugin to Use

Haven’t you used woocommerce plugin for your site which you can download in the plugin section or from google when you search? Please see the image as demo that you can see.
This plugin is very popular because most of ecommerce websites need these functions. Make sure you know what your website is about since this support for online payment via paypal, moneybooker, strip, etc…Everything can do the same way when many can work out.

Please make sure you do some reviews about this plugin before starting to use. As the demo, you can see that this website is about couple shirts which selling clothing, outfits, and related stuff.

For such a site that sells apparel online, it should have the following basic function: add to cart, check out, store, shop, product category, product listing, etc… Without these basic factors on website, your ecommerce site can run well. It cannot let buyers to place order and track the order including payment.

If you have a look at this demo site, you can see that it has homepage showing full products listing. You can click on any product to check the details. It also has section for buyers to leave and read reviews of each product. Here is the following statistics that you may want to check out before install this plugin for your wordpress site.

It current version is 3.3.4 when it was updated last 2 weeks ago, and it has about 3+ million installations, and your wp version should be 4.7. This plugin supports over 52+ languages. It has about around 3k+ ratings as 5 stars. By using this plugin, you can sell anything, anywhere you like as long as you have a website. Please see more details at the image as demo.. So you check the details and factors in the image, you can see that it has lots of section from tax, shipping, products, currency, etc…These give you good option to setup nice place for consumers to buy things easily with nice management.

It has nice interface to work with. Easy to control and edit. You can even add more additional plugin to support for your ecommerce site. So you can modify, edit, and adjust according to your needs. This is simple to maintain and check orders.

If you need more features, you may want to go with paid version. It provides you more options and features to use. So both free version and paid version have different features.

What should I explain more about this plugin? Well, you should check yourself and test, then you will have your own real experience and make your final choice. However, I would love to give 4.9/5.0 stars for this plugin since it is helpful to use. If you want a better plugin, you can consider use shopify platform which is very popular nowadays, but it cost mothly fees to use. And I would recommend that I should have good experienced with ecommerce before going with this platform. Or if you have good budget to run ecommerce site. Otherwise, you can experience yourself with this free plugin.

Simple, Clean, and Elegant Theme

Have you ever heard about the MVP Themes? This theme provides nice layout with friendly interface. You can check out this site as sample. It is about where to buy stamps. So I think it uses this theme properly to generate nice look.

Firstly, I would like to mention about the menu. If you pay attention to the menu, you will be able to see the simplification how it has. You can adjust the color and the “hover” animation. Below the elegant logo, you can see the background. It has friendly interface so that readers can find and read everything from website easily. So I love these designs and functions. The text is readable so it won’t disturb readers from getting the right information.

The widget is also great. You can arrange it as your choice. Make sure you know what parts or elements that you will add there. As you can see that this website add featured posts with recent posts included. So if you have a similar niche or website, you may want to consider this as one of your choices. Since the theme has free and paid version to use.

If you want to develop your site in stamps, and provide information, you will surely like this one. At first glance, I love the designs and layouts. It impacts on the feelings. Easy to navigate everything. You can find things easily by scrolling the menu and factors in widget.

In the right sidebar, you will be able to see the feature of image of each articles. This looks nice and neat. I love how it looks. So if you give it a try, you will love it. And if you want to go with paid version, you will have good experience with free version.

Where to get this theme? Actually, you can search on or in themes section in dashboard. Put the name of the theme in the search box and press enter. You will see the demo one. Check and compare to see if this one has the same designs and layout. After that, press install and activate the theme. You have to customize a bit in order to make it look like the same given demo.

You can add mor plugins like social sharing. This theme is perfect for adsense if you provide information and guide. As I can see that someone can make over $1,000 in this niche by ranking the keywords where to buy stamps, where can I buy stamps, or so. Or some keywords like does walmart sell stamps, does target sell stamps, etc… Just do your own research and you will be able to find out what I described in this article.

In brief, I give 4.5/5.0 for the rating. If you go in specific details, you will discover more features of this theme. That is what I call “simple, clean, and elegant” at first glance.

Just give it a try! Hope you enjoy my review about this theme including my demo site.

Tablepress Plugin

Hi guys,
Today, I will introduce to you about how to use Tablepress plugin that you can get free download from here. Please see the sample website that I setup with this plugin.

At this website, we setup for the product of how much does a hoverboard cost which gives many details to compare when using the plugin. It is very good to use the plugin since you can get it from wordpress plugin platform. The plugin gives you many features to setup. You can add unlimited rows and columns with related images and hyperlink. The table is responsive design so that readers can read easily on smartphones.

What more you get from this plugin? You can even adjust the colors, filter the related products from increasing to descreasing and vice-versa. Of course, you can go with paid version. With paid version, you will get more functions and features.

For such those products that have lots of details, you should use this plugin in order to present specific details with nice comparison so that buyers and readers can know what they are going to read and buy.

Make sure you setup basic layout so that you can put details neatly without messing it up. Once you have enough details, you just put it in order by columns and rows. This will help you save time and money when buying the paid version. However, once you want to get more features and ready for bigger site to make it look more professional, you can buy the pro version.

When using this plugin, you should notice several things that will help you have great and neat comparison table so that readers can be impressive with your content. This plugin provides good to great features and functions, but it is limited with background, animation, and other factors.

When you write about products that have little details to compare, you can use free version. So you can save money. This plugin is used by many users. It has around 600,000+ Active installations according to the report on worpdress.

If you want to see more demos and features, you can visit the official site with the following link: The plugin is developped by TobiasBg. You can even donate some bucks to help him as support.

You can install directly on your website by going to the plugins section and type the name tablepress. Just click install and active. Or you can go the to download, then upload to your website via the plugin section as “add new”. Both ways are working well.

The plugin is voted by many users with around 3,000 reviews. It has good ratings. Most of ratings come from 5 stars. You can check these on the download link. If you want to get more details, you can visit the official site. It has full details, instruction, guides, tips, etc…

This plugin is one of the best plugins for comparison that you can use at no cost. You may also check out other plugins, but some are free while others are paid version like go pricing table.

Finally, of course

diet pillsCould I avoid pharma?
No, of course.

So, I’ve done a new website. It may be not such beautiful but very clean.
I used “Throne” theme with really flexible framework Redux – highly recommend!
And .. thadadam! Welcome – Esssat Health – Nutrition, Fitness, Lifestyle, Mentality

I did animation on the product table, but now it’s turned off. I’m thinking that’s better.
Yeah, it’s go-pricing table, of course.

Go pricing plugin

Hi, guys
Have to say – Go pricing is best table creation plugin ever seen 🙂
I think, was spent many thousands work hours to make so useful and helpful product.
Great job!
Highly recommend!

P.C. I used it here 🙂

Another website – bezel monitor

So, another website which I gonna develop.

I like fixed promotion block in sidebar. I think that’s pretty good way to promote some models.
One more thing I like here – top bar. Lovely small logo when you scroll down.
I’m not sure order of menu is the best for monitors. Anyway – will see.
Welcome to bezel monitors.

Laptop for programming?

best coding laptopIs it good – laptop for programming? or not really?
Full answer you can find on my site 🙂
I can say my opinion. That’s very good.
For example – you can work in coffeeshop as I prefer. You can also take work when you go to hollydays. You are getting real freedom with laptop.
So, my answer is – “OFC, yes!”
But what kind of laptop you need? it depends.
Welcome to site.

Very good Theme

best hybrid bikesI think it’s really good WP theme for info website.
I like sidebar and topbar.
“Bravo” for idea to use tos widjet in sidebar, that’s great!
Ofc it’s not free theme 🙁 as everything good in the World.

Another project

and another project

best hair curlers
Here’s another one of my projects.
It is a bit like the previous one. But this WP theme does not have such complex navigation and, probably, is more understandable for users.
Any way, time will tell.
I really like the site. It’s light, transparent, clean.
I hope everything will right with.

Flat irons project

Another project

best hair straightenersThe next project I did without a visual editor. This is a project reviews of the best flat irons on the market 2017.
I really liked this theme for the WordPress. But there are fears that the hidden sidebar will not be understandable to users and, therefore, navigation and internal advertising widgets will not work well.
While watching the statistics.
When the accumulated significant data will be solved. Perhaps I will change the theme to a more traditional one.

My first project

My first project, the first experience!
I made this sitebest face mask on Word Press using WPBakery Visual Composer
In now I suffer.
I do not advise you to use WPBakery Visual Composer
Firstly, it slows down the site, not very much, but nevertheless slows down. Secondly, all the opportunities that he gives, in a month you can implement yourself, without his help, while you will be free in layout.

Although for the first experience, not bad. Yes?
Soon I will show the following projects.