Voice – Clean News/Magazine WordPress Theme

Hi guys!
If you are going to setup a wordpress site that focuses on news/magazine, you may consider the Voice Theme which is being sold on themeforest. You can buy this theme here.
In this article, I will give you short review about the theme so that you can know how it is and if you like it, you can buy one for your website.

As you can see that the demo site PortableObserver.com is using the theme Voice. This theme costs $69. It has clean, simple, and professsional layout. I will list all its features and functions so that you can know how it is.

First of all, it is responsive design. As you know that responsive factor is very important nowadays since many people are using smart devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. So this theme has this feature. Users can also choose to set as on and off as what they like. It can be turned on with responsive option while it can be turned off if they don’t like.

You can get your site customized within 5 minutes after installation. It is easy to use with friendly interface. This can be done via dashboard in theme option panel. Just install or view the demo to check the whole thing.

This theme is built-in performance. Your site will load fast and smoothly because of built-in performance function. This is good for SEO factor and visitors’ appearance.

If you go in depth, you can discover the unlimite fonts and colors that this theme has. So you can setup colors and fonts that you like. In addition, this theme has good header layouts while sticky header and mega menu system is what you look for.

While you can have 7 main layouts for your website, you can switch to the one that you like in each time. And it has 3 more layouts for featured area posts which you can setup your own goal. Make sure you choose the best one that you like. Moreover, you can use smart post listings which help you get all things done within simple clicks.

With the widget, you can setup unlimited sidebars with sticky sidebars if you like. Here are some great factors in widget that you may want to know: Voice Video, Meks Easy Ads Widget, Meks Smart Social Widget, Meks Smart Author Widget, Meks Simple Flickr Widget, and much more…What else that you can get from this theme? You can setup the posts, pages, categories, tags, and images according to the features of the theme.

I will give 4.5/5.0 stars for this theme since it has good features. You can discover more features by visting the link download. Make sure you check the demo before buying. This will help you have general idea about how your site looks like. If you have any feedback or need support about this theme, please contact us for help. We will help you get things done even including free setup or customization for you. Enjoy and stay updated with us.